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Bruce Lee JongHyun is soooo into kickboxing now

Air Punching at Chile and LA xD

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JongHyun and Martial Arts Love Story

  • Lee Jonghyun has black belt in Taekwondo and Judo.
  • He won gold medal in Judo tournament.
  • His idol is Emelianenko Fedor.
  • He confessed that he almost cried when Fedor lost in a match.
  • Recently he attending kickboxing class
  • YongHwa: When we have time to watch TV together, we want variety shows, JongHyun wants UFC, K1 or Muay Thai. Shouting, “That guy is cool, killing me.” 
  • JungShin: Watching them kicking banana tree, he says, “His kick is so cool!”
  • MinHyuk: JongHyun practicing the (martial arts) action while watching TV.
  • JungShin: To learn (martial arts) from him, you must be beaten by him first.

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